Check below for the most often asked questions

Sometimes it can take a small amount of time for progress to update correctly, so give it a few mins and refresh your page.

If it still isn’t showing correctly refresh your browser’s cache:

Refresh your cache

You should also make sure you’ve clicked the ‘Mark Complete’ button on the course page.


Ensure that you’ve completed the whole course and then the button should become clickable.

If this doesn’t happen follow the tips above

Certificates can be found in 3 places:

  • In the account page (green box next to course title)
  • Top of course page
  • you will have been emailed the certificate when you completed the course

Simply go to your account area and click on ‘Edit my profile’ and edit your details.

If, after checking your spam and junk folders, your can’t find the login email please use the Live Chat function and ask for a force resend.

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